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About Garden Hoard

Garden Hoard propagates heirloom seeds for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs while providing consumers with the knowledge and tools to grow bountiful produce and beautiful flowers. All of our seeds are grown in Michigan.

We have grown every variety of seed we sell, organically. We collect seeds from our plants by hand, dry them, clean them and put them into inventory. Our seed packets are completely handmade. Each packet is designed, cut out, folded, and secured together by us, by hand, and every packet is made to order.

Our Certified Organic Michigan Seeds are hand collected and hand packaged by us in Howell, MI.

We take what we have learned from growing these many varieties of plants and compile how-to guides that we include with many of our seed packets. We love to teach and inspire, and hope that others will pass on what they have learned. The attention to detail with our hand-harvested seeds and how-to guides are part of why we are becoming a trusted seed brand.

Aside from selling our homegrown seeds online, we also sell at local farmers’ markets in the summer. We make appearances at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market, Eastern Market, Ypsilanti Farmers' Market (Downtown), and the Howell Farmers’ Market. Check for the full schedule.

We moved to our small 7-acre farm, Renegade Acres, in October 2015 that is located in Howell, Michigan. The farm is operated by Katie (me) on a daily basis and my husband, Christian, helps in his spare time. On our farm, all kinds of heirloom fruits and vegetables are grown for food and seed production, and are isolated properly by a variety of methods to keep seeds pure. We established our seed business in 2010, and have been expanding every year.

Managing the hoard is a big undertaking. We work at least 70 hours a week on a wide variety of tasks. Throughout the week, we ship out any seed orders that come in. We also continuously pot up plants, start seeds, harvest produce, transplant, dehydrate produce as well as keep the farm under control with regards to watering, weeding, trellising, and so on. During the off season, we clean the seeds that were harvested and keep the website up to date. We update our Facebook page on a regular basis, as well as our Twitter and Instagram account.


Before moving to Renegade Acres, Garden Hoard used to operate urban farms in six locations in southeast Michigan. There was one in Livonia, one in Commerce Township, one in Walled Lake, and three in Redford. Although we only had around 2 acres combined, we made do with what we had. We are so grateful for the people who have reached out to us and let us use their land for growing our plants and crops on while we were getting our business started.

Our farm, Renegade Acres, is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

We are proud members of the Organic Seed Alliance.

Garden Hoard is officially recognized by the Council for Responsible Genetics as a Safe Seed Resource